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"It has been asserted, by one who was laboring under mental derangement, that the only difference between the sane and the insane is that the former conceal their thoughts, while the latter give them utterance. This distinction is far less erroneous than might be supposed, and is not destitute of analogy to the remark of Talleyrand that 'language was invented for the prupose of concealing thought."

theblackqueen | The Pullip Blog Crew

There was a girl walking on the lake. There was girl walking on the lake; was that a hamster in her pocket?

There was a girl walking across the lake with a hamster in her pocket. As incongruous as the figure seemed, there was most definitively a girl walking on the lake with a hamster in her pocket. This was no mirage, no trick of the northern lights, no cheap prophetic gambit. This was a girl walking on the lake, hamster in her pocket clearly outlined by the black of her coat, and the black of her gloves, and the black of her expression; were those the remains of speaker cables wound in her hair?

And the girl with her black coat and black gloves and black look took the blue-tipped black cables from her black hair and with her gray hamster in her pocket, offered them out to Elvis at the other side of the lake and never returned to the jungle-smelling cave from whence she came.

It was in this manner that we came to know of the enchanted filing cabinet in the pond.

- cfc. in memomorium of schmam III.

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